Travel Pinspiration – Things to See in Paris, France

This weeks Travel Pinspiration is 8 photos of things to see in Paris. Travel Pinspiration is when we share amazing photos by means of our Pinterest boards to provide you with inspiration to go go back and forth. Our motto is “Travel more. Create better memories” and one of the most best how you can […]

How We Overcame $30,000 in Credit Card Debt

You just shove them under the pile of things you’ll get to eventually, or hope they will disappear don’t you? Those credit card statements that seem hell bent on intruding in on your happiness. You log into your bank account with eyes squinted so you only see blurred numbers instead of the reality. Sometimes you […]

27 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is within the Northern Territory of Australia and one of the vital few places UNESCO World Heritage Listed for both its cultural and natural values. It has been known as a living cultural landscape, as Aboriginal people have occupied the area ceaselessly for a minimum of 40,000 years. It is the largest […]

Travel Podcast: May Q & A

Welcome to every other episode of our travel podcast – this is May’s Q & A where we answer our readers shuttle questions. Click play to hear: How not to over pack How to get a business upgrade on flights Tips for moving to a new country TEFL suggestions The best paid jobs around the […]

Learning to Scuba Dive in Sydney

This post is brought to you by MasterCard I’m happy to say that I’ve in the end had my first scuba diving experience. After all the trips we’ve done to popular dive destinations like South East Asia, the Pacific Islands and Hawaii, I learned to scuba dive in Sydney. Crazy I know. Over the years […]

Adventure in the Town of 1770 – LARC Tastic Tour

How do you determine what makes your best of list? We’ve seen and done some amazing things in Australia these past 9 months, it’s becoming my favourite country in the world to shuttle through. Yes, imagine it or not, my own country wasn’t before I started exploring it more deeply.  But, I am falling in […]

The Doors of Opportunity and the Pain of Regret

Photo: Alice Popkorn My Dad is almost 70 years old and plays cricket for Australia in the over 60’s team. He recently came back from a cricket trip and Mum was telling me how well he still plays considering his age (shh..don’t tell him I’ve told you that). He plays against players who once wore […]

Aquarius Backpackers Surfers Paradise: Becoming Part of a Family

We all sat in the beer garden of Aquarius Backpackers, as a young student from New Caledonia began softly strumming her guitar. After several words of encouragement, she began to softly sing songs from her homeland and others, in a beautiful, sweet voice. The group of us nodded our heads, clapped and praised her. She […]

If all else fails….. There’s always McDonalds

Stop only if all else fails Photo: fanboy 30 Plastic food that does not disintegrate (yes I’ve seen a four year old burger still in pristine condition), the cause of sky-rocketing worldwide obesity levels, I’m sure somewhere in there they have a bad record of looking after the environment and their workers, and a really […]