The Perfect Holiday for Stressed Out and Exhausted Parents

This post is brought to you by Ozcruising The 4wd bounced along the track through the ancient forest. The girls sat beside me giggling with each jolt up and down, my heart swelled to watch them having such fun. I sat and listened to our guide telling interesting stories and facts about the Pemberton region […]

We Don’t Recommend Many Business Things, But Watch This!

We don’t recommend many business things here on our blog, preferring to keep this space focused on sharing our mutual passion for trip with you! But, if you also have a blog or an online business, or you DREAM of starting your very own online business, then every once in a even as something comes […]

48 Hours in Washington DC – Things to See and Do

Our visit to Washington DC last year came as a complete surprise and I don’t think you could get a bigger detour from our road trip around Australia. We are used to our travel life taking twists and turns, but even we couldn’t envision a twist like this. One minute we’ve got the towel laid […]

Little Old Lady in a Cafe

I saw her approaching us out of the corner of my eye. I knew our table used to be her destination, as we were situated in the back of the cafe and there used to be no where else to go. We’d been sitting there for about 90 minutes, eating lunch and biding time even […]

The Benefits of Travel: Opening up your Mind to New Opinions

I’m currently sitting at my favorite cafe, Soul Cake, and I am not eavesdropping, but the boisterous ladies opposite me are making it difficult for me to not hear what they are saying. Opening up my mind with great coffee Their conversation and comments have made me breathe a sigh of relief that I have […]

15 Things To Do On New Zealand’s North Island

image via 1. Go Sailing in the Bay of Islands For a very scenic and relaxing experience, go sailing in the Bay of Islands. Located in the Northland Region, the Bay of Islands is close to the northern tip of the country. This area is a world class region for sailing and a collection of […]

Merry Christmas and a Personal Thank You!

Hello, I just wanted to take this opportunity to drop you a quick personal note. Firstly, to all our family, friends, and readers of our blog we wanted to say a BIG thank you for your beef up and for being part of our community online here at y Travel Blog. We truly appreciate you […]

Finding the money to travel: Use money buckets

Unfortunately there is one necessary component to travel. Money. Actually, I’ll let you in on a little secret. You need money for most things, traveling or not. So let’s set the record straight, whether you are travelling or not you want money, so you might as well just make the decision to travel since the […]

A Travel Manifesto: Our Guide for Memorable Travel

I sat down to write a travel manifesto and struggled. Not struggled for something to say, but struggled with too many things to say. Sometimes too much sage advice can overwhelm and paralyze.  I made up our minds to pare my trip wisdom back to 10. What are the ten essential guidelines to follow to […]